A Touch of Class: Cocktails with Claire

Claire steps into the room beaming louder than the Jerome Lamarr purse she was carrying. Claire rock an all-black tailored tux from the Lisa Nicole Cloud’s collection with an all-white shirt with Chanel brooches. She was everything that I and everyone in the room excepted, beautiful, inside and out, A Touch of Class.

Claire has been giving us the wow factor since thebomblife.com launched in 2006. Before the The Bomb Life, there weren’t many fashion figures of color coming from the hip-hop culture perceptive. She gave us chic, urban, color, funky, classy, style and fashion all the same time. Not only did Claire keep us on top on what every designer presented each season, but she spotlighted up & coming designer and who & where you can cop some of the best pieces at some of NYC consignment spots.

The Bomb Life not only keeps you in-the-know of fashion but she has built this media empire that keeps you connected through life, travel, Ask Claire, spa, and food. Speaking of food, Claire delights us with some of the tastiest dishes from fine dining to the corner cafes. 

The Bombshell herself, stopped by every table to greet everyone with a warm smile. Every woman, of course, was there to meet and get the chance to have that conversation with her and they did.

Claire took center stage moderating “Our Brand and Social Media” panel which featured panelist: Nichole Lynel, Tranny of Marketing Kings, Tredayy, Olivia Tep, and DC is Chillin

I had scheduled a few interviews with some of the panelists with time not being on our side to conduct them inside the venue, I found the perfect spot outside in the alley right next door to the venue. It instantly became everyone’s photo background. 

After 30 mins. snapping and capturing the moments, I finally saw her emerge from the venue. I had to make sure I was getting my interview before she spun off in that black suburban. As everyone is pulling her from all angels to snap their moment, I waited patiently and soon asked if I could still get my interview. Actually to my surprise, she said, “of course”! Her assistant suggested we capture the rugged background of both sides of the walls of art. Mic, camera, and go! I quickly set up because time was whining up fast and I wanted to make sure I captured the main event. 

Humble, patient, and ready! I had my questions ready, camera started rolling and she graciously answered each question. A Touch of Class!