Brooklyn’s Own Flybush Dame

There are numerous aspiring rappers popping up everyday and less than 1% will make it to the big league and very few will develop a fan base that will sustained them as a working artists. It’s been about 4 years when this Brooklyn’s own up & coming artist Flybush Dame pop up on my IG timeline with the new single “The Vibe” directed by Chris Ratigan. The lights, the effects, Dame’s count down flow stop me right in my tracks and it just got better and better by the second. I headed over to his Youtube page and click on every video posted and I must say,  I was impressed. 

He’s a brotha of few words, but says a lot and expressive. DM’d and told him how impressive I was about his new joint “The Vibe” and I’ve check out his Youtube and told him I needed that interview. Of course it didn’t take place right away, because I’m in Cali and he’s in Brooklyn. With the twist and turns I went through to get bpetv up and going, I didn’t press him that we had to get it done right-away, but we did keep in touch. Fast forward to 2018, on one of my trips to NY, I finally connected with Brooklyn’s own Flybush Dame! I remember very clearly, it was on a Sunday and I had one other interview earlier that day with a female emcee out of Harlem @missundastoodnyc. Dame told me to hop on the train to Brooklyn. While waiting on his arrival, I snap a few pics capturing some of  Flatbush stomping grounds. He left a house full of guests to meet me and give me a tour of his hood and the history of the oldest church and Brooklyn’s historical moments. We finally settled at a spot, set up, and got the conversation going! 

I’m not going to write another two paragraph about the conversation, just click on that brotha with the mic below and get the story straight from him! I will say, before hoping back on the train back to the city, Dame took your girl to the neighborhood Jamaican spot for oxtails, peas and rice ummm! Thank you Dame Fyffe!