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Oakland’s First Friday Time Maybe Up!

By Jeanette | July 9, 2021

Oakland’s First Friday time maybe up! With dried up funding, Oakland may have seen their last First Friday unless the festival can raise $24,000……

Quarantine Oakland 2020

By Jeanette | May 7, 2020

    Took a little stroll through a small part of  downtown Oakland during quarantine 2020 at lunch time. Like every city in America, downtown Oakland during the weekday now looks like a Sunday.

A.M.A Musiek (Always Moving Ahead) Fool Over Love

By Jeanette | October 1, 2019

Yes, it’s been said over and over, “she doesn’t look like she sings”. Upon first glimps of @amamusiek , you’re like, “Ok, another rapper”, but wait! When this Queen opens that mouth and pushes out that first note, she immediately takes the whole house to church! When you have the OGs becoming fans and giving you […]

Put on A Great Show

By Jeanette | May 18, 2019

  The Performance Starts Before the Show Now that you have booked a couple of gigs, you may be asking yourself, “how can I put on a good live show?” Watching various musical performances, you may see some good shows that inspire you to work and some that need major fine-tuning. Most performers get it […]

The World Of BC #TransplantTuesdays

By Jeanette | February 10, 2019

New to Oakland? New to the Bay Area? Looking for something new to do, but don’t won’t to wait until the weekend? World of BC Production got you! Oakland’s adopted son, Bryson C. has created the new hot night, the new hot spot for transplants like himself. #TransplantTuesdays is an event where newbies and Bay […]

Lil Mama World Video Premiere “Shoe Game”

By Jeanette | June 5, 2018

  LIL MAMA WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE “SHOE GAME” Lil Mama premiered her new video “Shoe Game” on May 24th at A Little Palace in Brooklyn, New York. The video is cute, it’s catchy, and it’s girly! It’s the grown up of “Lip Gloss” Produced by Ron Browz. The venue was a perfect fit to host the bubbling […]