The 3rdEye, Every household is going to know about it.

Our first introduction was via IG. Welcome to the new age. @ughhblog posted a clip of “Soul Ties” the first single off the upcoming new album “Spirit Language” and curious me tap and I instantly told myself, this is it! Cthree isn’t the common name rolling off everyone’s tongue right now, but it soon will be!

It’s BET Awards weekend and L.A. is full of who’s who and everybody is having some type of event going down day and night. We are running around in chaos from event to event, but one thing forsure, I wasn’t going to miss my interview with @cthree93. He was in the next county doing his thing trying to make it back to L.A. and I’m in L.A. making moves. We had it all set up for Friday 4:30 at Leimert Park. DM’s, texts, phone calls were flying back and forth making sure we didn’t miss a beat and of course, that monkey wrench was thrown. But, like they use to say, “No one monkey ain’t going to stop no show”, we made it happen.

Instead of meeting at our planned spot, Cthree was so kind to meet me where I stood. It was nothing but brotherly love when we finally met. Down to earth, kind, and a gentlemen. We didn’t have a solid spot to do the interview,but when two great minds work together, this is what happens!

THANK YOU @cthree93 It was a pleasure!