Finger Licking Good with The Brothers Cookin

Didn’t want to arrive too late, but I was right on time. I was anxious to try for the first time, Brothers Cookin popup shop at Neptune’s. Leaving the first event, I hop in the ride and headed down Webster Street in the city of Oakland, shot through Alameda tube cruising down Central.  I have driven by this place a million times, but never stop to have a meal at Neptune’s. When you walk in, the first thing you noticed is Brothers Cookin (Chefs Tranny & Braggs) self portrait on a roll-up stand banner. The hostess greeted me with a pleasant smile and escorted me to my seat where I shared a table with Keisha (I attended the event alone). I sat my belongings on the dark wooden bench. The venue is divided into two parts, one side is set up with tables and chairs that can seat 4 people and the other half is bench style. Had to go scoop out the joint, so I headed to the spacious Oakwood outdoor patio where the DJ was spinning hip hop classics.


Brothers Cookin know what they’re doing. I walked around capturing the moment with my Nikon.  Had to go take a sneak peak, so I made my way into the kitchen and caught the magic, the Brothers Cookin in action cooking, preparing and serving up all that deliciousness. I found my way back to enjoy my smoke salmon with tender collards, mama homemade potatoe salad, cold crispy coleslaw, cheesy mac & cheese, and honey cornbread. Wow! that’s a lot of food lol! 

My table partner, Keisha was a good company. We both admired the quality and taste of our dishes. We both had the smoke salmon, lord and behold, we got a treat from the chefs, they brought us a sample of smoke red snapper and a bowl of mac & cheese. The snapper wasn’t on the menu, but I wish it was! Ummm! 

Tranny of Marketing Kings and one half of Brothers Cookin came by our table and I gave him props on doing a fantastic job from the location, to atmosphere, to the menu.  Before I said my goodbyes, he said, “gumbo in 30 days” I replied, “I’m so there”!

Brothers Cookin, my first experience, but it definitely will not be my last.