Her name is Sheena Cruz! The Fashion Designer

Fashion is a BIG statement. It comes in all assorted styles, colors, patterns and it accommodate everyone’s taste. Who are these designers? Well, the newest face is boogiedown Bronx own, Sheena Cruz. Sheena Cruz is the founder, creator and Designer of https://sshouseofcouture.com/

Sheena learned fashion first hand from her grandmother. Abuela herself was a designer, seamstress, and a patternmaker. Her clientele served from the neighborhood to the boardroom. Her granddaughter, Sheena paid close attention and took good notes. Just check out her edgy, street, and unique style.

Today, Sheena is continuing her fashion education at fashion institute of technology in New York and She is also in the planning stages of starting her program for the youth. Her program will be designed for the young creative minds to fine tune their emotions and anger through their creative process. Stay tuned for so much more from this next..