He’s Jersey! He’s Vic Shadez!

I was on a mission! Cold weather couldn’t stop me from making that journey to New Jersey City. Had to get my interview of Vic Shadez. Every Sunday night, DJ Kid Capri hosted No Panty Sundaes on periscope. Capri would give indie artist a platform by playing their music and we would vote if it was a go or not. That Sunday when Capri played Vic Shadez, I was throwing hearts up like crazy. Being a hip hop head, Vic is that artist the world needs to hear. The lyrics, the flow, the cadence, the beat, it had the whole party wanting more! 

I started following him on IG and that was our beginning. DM and introduced myself and that was back in 2017. I knew I would be making my trip to NYC in the summer, so I made sure we stayed in touch. When we got word that we were going NYC earlier than expected for our girl Ebony’s Birthday celebration. Not only was it going to be the” girls trip”, but a business trip as well. I called Vic with excitement and we arranged the date and time.

Saturday morning came and I was ready! Camera √ batteries charged √ SD card √ tripod √ mic√ camera bag √. Vic Shadez text me the instructions on how to get to New Jersey City via PATH train. Hop on the E train heading to 33rd Street to hop on the PATH train for Jersey City. I tell you one thing, it was mad COLD that morning and the winds had the nerves to kick up burrr! The train approached my stop, rode it to Grove Station and I hop off. As I waited for Vic, of course I did a couple of IG live. I spotted Micky D’s and mosey my way to get a cup of hot coco.

Good timing, got my hot coco and Vic Shadez pulls up and off we go! Vic gives me a short tour of Jersey City as we make our way to the spot to conduct our interview. I’m setting up, Vic is on the phone conducting business as usual. When he hangs up, he says, “my crew is coming through, I hope you don’t mind”? Noo! The more the merrier. Vic has talked about his crew and I was anxious to finally to meet them. When they arrived, it was only two, Myndz and Sosick, the others couldn’t make it. Two nice gentlemen, with good conversation and wise. This wasn’t just an interview, it turned into a conversation. Check out the rest….