I am the Universe…I am GOD…I am Sev7en!

Twice the pleasure, twice the fun! Up & Coming Connecticut’s own, Sev7en. He’s not a household name yet, but he’s on his way. Sev7en discovered at an young age that he had multiple talents from modeling, to becoming an Author of  Contemporary Fiction “The Project of being a Woman” and now a new recording artist from New Haven, Connecticut.

Sev7en just drop TWO hot new singles, “Jennifer Body” & “I Bind you Nancy” at the same time. I recently caught up with this fierce force and had a few questions.


How are you and how is life going for you?

A. I’m great. Just excited about the new is finally coming out into the universe. Life is a journey. I’m finding my way through each channel of life. Life is to be channeled released through every vibration of you.

Thank you for joining our room on Clubhouse and reaching out (This was our introduction)

You just drop two new songs, “Jennifer Body” & “I Bind You Nancy”, two different vibes

Who and what is “Jennifer Body”? And, explain “I Bind You Nancy”?

A. “Jennifer Body” is about falling in love with an industry groupie. I had the pleasure of creating along side with J Gr. We speak the same music language. “I Bind You Nancy” speaks more to the fake love that I get from peers. I just wanted to talk my shit.

I heard another song on your Spotify “Summer drug” ft. Choric Lumina. I’m really feeling the production on that. 

Who did the production?

A: I love that song. It was about a previous relationship and Choric Lumina created the production. I love working with her on it.

Back to Jenn & Nancy

Who did the production on both those songs?

A. A random producer I came across. I loved the production and I needed those beats ASAP.

These are tow totally different vibes

What directions are you planning to take these two new singles

A. I just want them to do what they’re gonna do. I have visuals coming and so much more content. My deluxe project “Bless A Bee” will debut later on this year and so many other surprises. 

For us who are just meeting you, what will we know about you by the end of this interview?

A. I am a universe. I am a God. I am everything I desired to be. Limitations don’t exits in my mind. I give the girls what they want and need. And, everyone shall see this year.

Your name is Sev7en Taylor. Artistry or a given name?

A. Spiritually given name. 7 is the number of completion and we strive for completion in self, life and art.

What is the story behind the spelling of Sev7en?

A. I re-named myself something that fits with my aura. I’m big on energy and making things happen for myself. I would like to put out 7  major albums/projects within my career. That would be everything for me.

What’s up next?

A. I have a new novel coming “Blood Moons“: Conversations With My Ancestors” this year. This will be my forth novel. I also have visuals and a new deluxe project as well. Plus, so much more. 

Thank you for the interview!