New York’s Best Kept Secret

 New York’s Best Kept Secret

She’s not your ordinary female emcee, she’s New York’s best kept secret and missundastood. Of course the first thing you’ll see is a sista in hijab with the whole Muslim entire spitting darts.  Missundastoodnyc caught my ears 3 years ago when I was scrolling through my IG, I ran across @gossipviv (Viva Billings) host of VH1’S Gossip Game and timeline. BOOM! There she was standing in her BGirl style, Queens, New York’s best kept secret. She was a little different from your norm, no problem. It was the lyrics she was delivering that set her apart from many female artist.  I click on that video icon in the right hand corner and was thinking, “hope this sista is coming with mad skills”.  Click and Yo!!! Wait! Who is she!? Her name is Missundastood? I got to get more on her. DM Ms. Viva and she hit me back and tagged me on missundastoodnyc post and that was the beginning of our relationship. With a couple of lines exchanged, I received a phone call 6am the following morning and the conversation began.

Still a bit cold, but bright and sunny in the city of Harlem USA. We arranged to meet @ 3 pm on that beautiful Sunday afternoon. After a scrumptious Sunday brunch at Sylvia’s and escorting a friend to Black Ink for his dedicated tattoo to his uncle, I hitch an Uber ride back to the Apollo Theater. We waited and waited, moved our meeting location a couple blocks down the street and we waited a little longer. After receiving a call from home, I turned around and finally, approaching  drape in purple and white, your’s truly, New York’s best kept secret.

After three years, the long awaited meeting this sista and finally getting that interview, became a reality. New York’s best kept secret, Missundastoodnyc!

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