Put on A Great Show

                    By Arnette Oatis| Put on A Great Show


The Performance Starts Before the Show

Now that you have booked a couple of gigs, you may be asking yourself, “how can I put on a good live show?” Watching various musical performances, you may see some good shows that inspire you to work and some that need major fine-tuning. Most performers get it right-creating an experience that sparks so much energy that before they leave the stage, they were added to a play list or their project was downloaded by a new fan. In order to have that great outcome, you as the artist have to remember the performance starts before the show.

Start with a plan. Detail as many aspects of your performance as possible. Include everything from booking the venue, travel arrangements, a rehearsal schedule, instruments needed tracked music. We can’t list every aspect of having a successful performance, but you get the idea. Include elements you and/or your band will need to have a great concert.


Photo by KILIAN on Unsplash


Create a run of show. Organize yourself in a way that allows you to pace yourself.  Create a flow that informs everyone of the role they’ll play during the concert. Your band members will have a set list, your staff and/or roadies will know where they need to be and when during your performance and you take advantage of every second available to you.

Budget!!! Even though you may perform at your local club, you will still incur expenses from your event. A budget allows you to see how much of an investment you’ll need to make and will also reveal if you are operating at a profit or a loss.  Create line items for each expense and revenue generators that will occur as the result of your performance. You may find that after you review, the budget for the event is not a good fit financially but still may be a good promotional opportunity. And lets not forget about taxes! Keeping track of your expenses and income, will aid you in tax preparation. You will be able to easily identify the items that can serve as a tax credit, to be deducted from your tax bill.

To be continued next week.