Soul Train Set A New Record!

Last Sunday a new record was set for having the longest Soul Train line. It was broken by 100 more participants from the current record that was held by Goodyear Ball Park in Arizona in 2014 with 426 participants.  November 21, 2021 marks a new mile stone set by some of the original dancers of the icon Soul Train TV show along with the 40 plus Double Dutch Club, Brooklyn United Marching Band, and hundreds of local residents.

BET Network (Black Entertainment Television) sponsored and arranged the Guinness World Record to be broken by recruiting 536 people dancing down the longest Soul Train Line in history. Folks came through with their blown out afros, Incredibles outfits, roller skates, tap dance shoes, grandma’s, aunts, nephews, sisters, young, old, and in between! It all went down at the Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem

The event was hosted by the one and only Entrepreneur, Creator, and Designer, Angela Simmons. The festival was filled with celebrity guest appearances, free giveaways, Live guest DJ. Soul Train was presented with a “Guinness World Records” Certified Plaque.


Angela Simmons festival host

Soul Train line at Marcus Garvey Park, Harlem




By Jean

Photos: Dave Goodson