STOP KILLING US! Phoenyx- The Empress


She’s Fabulous and Fierce! Phoenyx is her name. Phoenyx is an international artist, song-writer, spoken word artist, model, dancer, choreographer, and a Broadway Alum (Hairspray). She is the Jackie of all trades in the entertainment world. Phoenyx isn’t a newbie to this. Her mother, Baomi, is a jazz musician, vocalist and also a Broadway actress from Toledo, Ohio. 

“STOP KILLING US” is Phoenyx’s new video. I must say, it is very deep with powerful lyrics. It’s a dope video!

bpe: What inspired you to write this song?

Phoenyx: This song was inspired when the murder of Philando Castile was caught on video and it broke me. My soul was crying. I knew than, that I had to do something!

Watching the video for the first time, I was in awww. I had more questions, so I hit her up in her DM and she answered all my questions.

bpe:  Who wrote the treatment? Where was it filmed? who directed the video? 

Phoenyx: The video for “Stop Killing Us” was conceptualized by me and I also wrote the treatment. My friend and the CEO of my Record Label, Daniel Troha @inspiritmusicproduction Co-directed this piece with me. The video was shot in downtown Emeryville, Ca. (home of the Academy Award winning Pixar Animation Studio).

Phoenyx explained how this video happen through divine order, not planned. “It literally just happen. Daniel Troha and I shot it together in a matter of hours.”