The World Of BC #TransplantTuesdays

By Jeanette | February 10, 2019

New to Oakland? New to the Bay Area? Looking for something new to do, but don’t won’t to wait until the weekend? World of BC Production got you! Oakland’s adopted son, Bryson C. has created the new hot night, the new hot spot for transplants like himself. #TransplantTuesdays is an event where newbies and Bay […]


By Jeanette | June 13, 2018

ALL HAIL THE KING FROM THE MOTHERLAND, SOUTH AFRICA. RAPPER THE YUNG JB IS SHAKING THINGS UP IN THE STATES! Social Media is not just for sharing family and friends photos, catching up with old friends, or gossiping about what’s going down on the block. These platforms are super heavy with artist promoting their products, videos, […]

Fashion meets Inspiration

By Jeanette | May 4, 2018

Who is she? Tiara from FashionBawse. I saw her strut, glissade, and work the room like no other at #CocktailswithClaire. This fashionista took full advantage to rub elbows with the fashion world in the building. She approached everyone with her signature smile and warm embrace. Biker leather jacket, her fashion logo fanny pack with the […]

She writes hits! Shanell Red!

By Jeanette | March 23, 2018

Shanell Red is no stranger to the Music Industry. Check out her resume and you will see she’s a force to be reckon with! A song writer for some of your biggest artists and penning some memorial hits. We caught up with Shanell @a3c in Atlanta and she gave us herstory. Check it out and […]