Her name is Sheena Cruz! The Fashion Designer

By Jeanette | March 19, 2020

Fashion is a BIG statement. It comes in all assorted styles, colors, patterns and it accommodate everyone’s taste. Who are these designers? Well, the newest face is boogiedown Bronx own, Sheena Cruz. Sheena Cruz is the founder, creator and Designer of https://sshouseofcouture.com/ Sheena learned fashion first hand from her grandmother. Abuela herself was a designer, […]

ATLANTA Business After Hour Mixer

By Jeanette | October 1, 2019

Fashion meets Inspiration

By Jeanette | May 4, 2018

Who is she? Tiara from FashionBawse. I saw her strut, glissade, and work the room like no other at #CocktailswithClaire. This fashionista took full advantage to rub elbows with the fashion world in the building. She approached everyone with her signature smile and warm embrace. Biker leather jacket, her fashion logo fanny pack with the […]