The Drama King DJ KaySlay “Living Legend” ft Jadakiss, Queen Latifah & Bun B

The Queen is back! with The Drama King, DJ KaySlay

Never doubt old skool, they’ve built the ground that you walk on! Dj kayslay put his timbs down on this joint! Kay brought 3 of hip hop’s best lyricist: Jadakiss, Queen Latifah & Bun B No doubt, these are living legends.

The new single “Living Legend” kick off with Jadakiss spittin barz like this, “it started first with the dope, I earned all my strips, I put in work with the goats” and that’s just the beginning. Next, comes in the Queen! Queen Latifah came in heavy with the verse “bow down to greatness, no hand shake”. Latifah not only made and left her mark in hip hop, but across the entertainment world. She reminded us of some of her accomplishments with over 62 movies credits to translate, Oscars, grammys, emmys and golden globes to name a few. But, her first love is on that MIC as an emcee and she came thru and delivered! “It ain’t no second guessin’ how she became a living legend” Lastly, Texas own BUN B Triple OG and than some. Some say southern rap is slow and countryfied and that’s OK. But, Bun B can hang with the best of them and come out on top and on here, he did his thang! “Some of y’all strivin to be a legend, I been one” BOOM!

DJ KaySlay delivered in a major way. This new joint “Living Legend” is one of the hardest, from hand picking the emcees, to production, to each artists deliverance. DJ KaySlay is good at what he does, but this right here has already become a classic. This is HIP HOP!